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We would like our website to be as accessible as possible to everyone, to that end we have included a number of accessibility features and checked to ensure the sight is accessible to people with a range of disabilities.

  • Font resizer – In the top right corner of the website are buttons to decrease, reset and increase the size of text displayed to you.
  • Colour checks – We have checked our site to ensure it is usable by people with a wide range of colour blindness conditions and that there is sufficient contrast between foreground and background colours.
  • Plain text usable – This site has been designed so that it can be used without style sheets such as might be done with text readers. You can disable the style sheet in you browsers menu.
  • No access keys – In line with recent recommendations this site does not use access keys as these combinations have been found to interfere those used in text readers. Accessibility

If you are unable or are finding it difficult to use our website or have a suggestion please get in touch to help us improve our site by using the contact form or by emailing

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